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ASOV by Andrew Sulisthio

542 words·3 mins

ASOV Elevates Your Online “You”

Tailor Your Online Presence with ASOV

Is ASOV right for you?

  • Are a professional, entrepreneur, or small business owner?
  • Need a simple, reliable website that showcases your business or services?
  • Plan to update your website content infrequently (twice a year or less)?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then Andrew Sulisthio’s ASOV service is the perfect solution for you.

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Andrew says, you better start …

Ditching your generic Gmail & Linktree combo

Businesses and individuals with incredible offerings often rely on generic gmail addresses and lackluster Linktree pages. Why settle for the ordinary when it’s so easy to trust a specialist to create a professional and personalized online presence for you?

Unleashing your hidden content writings

In today’s content-driven world, businesses and individuals need to create a steady stream of high-quality content for their success. But social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube only showcase snippets. The rest – your insightful writing – languishes unseen in your phone’s notes and Google Docs. It is time to start building a home for your unseen content and let it grow from there and find its way to wider audience!

Replacing your No-code products with Lean-code ones

While no-code tools offer a fast start, they can sometimes become inflexible as your needs grow. Lean-code development, on the other hand, achieves similar results with a more streamlined codebase. This approach allows for easier customization down the line, even for those with basic programming knowledge (like markdown). It’s also more programmer-friendly, making it easier to extend functionality in the future. In today’s digital world, basic coding skills can be a valuable asset, even for non-programmers.

Building a strong online presence can be a daunting task. Here’s how Andrew Sulisthio’s ASOV service can help you achieve that with minimal effort.

How can Andrew Sulisthio’s ASOV help?

I will be offering you a one-time service designed to streamline the process of activating or rebuilding your online presence. I leverage a proven tech stack (outlined below) that ensures a hassle-free experience.

Upon completion, you will receive complete ownership of the project, allowing for easy future modifications by any developer.

Current tech stack (as of 2024):

  • Google Analytics for understanding customers behaviour
  • Cloudflare Pages for a reliable and scalable deployment platform
  • Github for code repository management
  • Hugo Framework for a flexible and efficient website architecture
  • MXroute for providing a secure e-mail hosting (optional)

2024 ASOV Launch Special

I’m offering a risk-free service to help build my portfolio.

In 2024, I’m offering a limited number of custom-built, efficient, and modern websites to passionate professionals and business owners. Get your website built first, and pay only after you approve it.

These websites are built using a lean approach, ensuring optimal performance and a future-proof foundation. I’ll leverage this opportunity to build my portfolio with your amazing website. It’s a win-win!

Just provide your information and available digital assets, and I’ll work with you to understand your specific needs for the website. Once we’re on the same page, I’ll deliver a website draft for your review within 48 hours!

Ready to get started? Click below to tell me about your website needs!