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Swimming is Eternal

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Andrew Sulisthio
Andrew Sulisthio
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Running may be temporary, but lap-swimming is eternal.

Not only is swimming a well-known exercise that ranks among the safest sports, but it also offers the unique opportunity to push ourselves to the limit—like a mad dolphin—while still minimizing unnecessary injury risks.

Interestingly, doctors often prescribe swimming routines to individuals injured in other sports, emphasizing its health-recovery benefits. Lap-swimming, in particular, stands out as an exercise form that promotes overall well-being.

From my personal experience, I’ve encountered age-defying individuals during casual conversations with fellow lap-swimmers in the pool. Picture a 50-year-old who appears exactly my age or a 70-year-old gracefully executing butterfly strokes like an aquatic mammal.

Let’s prioritize swimming over other forms of exercise. Learn the techniques, embrace the water, and become a bullet-tuna—confident that the pool won’t lead to injuries. Consistency in your routine will help maintain youthfulness.

In summary:

Running is elementary; swimming is brutal. Running is temporary; swimming is eternal.