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Andrew Sulisthio
Andrew Sulisthio
Passionately developing efficient and easy-to-maintain web solutions for businesses whilst procuring and serving international connoisseurs with auction-grade coffees

My passion for efficient systems led me to launch Redaco System Factory in 2016, where I’ve completed numerous freelance web projects with a focus on maintainable, future-proof code ( DRY, YAGNI, and SOLID principles). This experience honed my attention to detail, a quality that extends to my work sourcing auction-grade coffees for TÜR Coffee Co, my 2022 venture. Whether building web systems or serving international coffee connoisseurs, my dedication to quality remains unwavering.

I optimize my body and mind with the same precision as I debug code, tackle high-difficulty FromSoftware games, and source auction-grade coffee beans – always seeking peak performance. My dedication to self-improvement includes:

  • Fitness: Butterfly swimming, 5K runs under 30 minutes, enhancing both physical and mental resilience
  • Discipline: Regular caffeine fasts to maintain sensitivity and occasional water-only fasts to promote autophagy and boost long-term cellular health
  • Community: Sharing my passion for gaming through streaming and recorded content